Visitors come to your website expecting unique, informative, and entertaining text, image, video, audio, and multi-media content.  Smart marketers capture the eyes, the ears, and - most importantly - the clicks and customers by creating valuable visual and audio content and making it available to their customers or prospects.  If you don't have it, those eyes, ears, and clicks will go somewhere that does.


But, quality, unique visual and audio content can be very expensive to create.  You'll spend more in time, money, or BOTH to get great visual and audio content, than what less ambitious marketers pay for the cra ... uh... stuff they toss up on their sites.



In the "Wild West" world of today's internet, if you leave your valuable content out in the open and unprotected - it won't be yours for long. That may be ok if all you've got is a bunch of words on a blog. But if you've got videos or downloadable content that you've paid handsomely for or worked your fingers to the bone to create, having someone swipe your content can be devastating.

Top internet marketers have discovered the security, integrity, and financial benefits of Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3). This service is SWEEEEET! It has built-in security, automatically provides backup and redundancy, and it's cheap - which always ranks high on any list of "good stuff".

But, even with Amazon S3's great security, there are still "holes" that malicious internet users could drive a truck thru, pack it up with your valuable content, and take off with all your profits and hard work in tow!

The biggest of these "holes" is in using encrypted, time-limited links.  Encrypted links hide the ultimate destination for the URL, but malicious user can still abuse encrypted links to hijack your content; either by copying and pasting the link into a browser's address bar or by posting the link on another website.

Time-limited links, however, just stop working when they are no longer needed.  Just like that really cool "Mission Impossible" tape that turns itself into a puff of smoke and ash once all the "top secret" information is transmitted, time-limited links give your visitors access to you "secret" information - then they're no good anymore.

But, to make time-limited links work, they need to be dynamic.  You can't just set a date or a time... the links need to know when to actually start the "countdown to destruction". To make your links dynamic, you need SOMETHING to create them when your visitors get to your web page and then "set the timer" so that the links turn into "smoke and ash" before your content gets into the wrong hands.

wpLinkLock is a simple plugin that does exactly what its name implies. It locks up you links so your content is much more secure than with the standard URLs you're probably using in your current links.

wpLinkLock locks away your valuable videos and download links behind nasty looking, encrypted, obfuscated, time-limited URLs. Like any lock, it won't keep the truly determined from swiping your stuff, but 90% of internet users will leave you alone for easier pickings.

wpLinkLock creates disgustingly UGLY URLs! All of the standard link information is replaced with encrypted, obfuscated data. For example, a standard link might look like:

http: //

But, a wpLinkLock URL will look like:

http: //




All by itself, an ugly URL will scare away half the people who are thinking about abusing your link.

Malicious users can't fake these URLs because there's secret information embedded in each link that gets authenticated before the link gets executed.

You can create links that will quit working after a few minutes or even just a few seconds! If someone copies your link and tries to use it after the active period you've set – they'll be in for a surprise.

Check to make sure the user is clicking from YOUR WordPress website. So, even if someone copies the link and posts it on another website - it won't work!

For downloads that you host on your own server, your download location is NEVER revealed to the user. So, even if they get past the Ugly, Authenticated, Expiring, Referrer Checked URLs, they still have no idea where your download files are!


Amazon S3 File Storage can be used to store, retrieve and delete any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. This is the same service that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. Huge commercial sites like Smugmug, the photo sharing site, also use Amazon to handle their storage requirements.

With such massive bandwidth you will never have a problem with people viewing your videos or retrieving downloadable content. Plus, Amazon S3 provides backup and failover support, so you don't have to worry about losing your files.

But, with links to all that prime content available to anyone on the internet, you need to protect those links somehow.  Amazon S3 has support for authenticated and time-limed links, but the features are hard for the average site owner to use.


wpLinkLock makes creating secure, authenticated, and time-limited links to your Amazon S3 content a cinch.


Yep, ANYWHERE! If WordPress is loaded at then a downloadable file anywhere on can be FULLY protected with ugly, authenticated, referrer checked, expiring URLs and the actual file location will never be seen by the outside world.



You can tell the wpLinkLock that only certain WordPress roles can access your URLs. That includes standard WordPress roles (Administrator, Subscriber, Editor, Author, etc.), roles that your membership software may have created (Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.), or any custom roles you create on your own.  If a user isn't logged in or isn't assigned a Role that permits access, they won't even SEE the link!


There are times when you don't want to hide or obscure a link and actually want to make it look nice, neat, and "pretty" - so people aren't frightened away.  Affiliate marketers run into this all the time.  They would rather have affiliate links that look like these:

look more like these:

Well, wpLinkLock will do that for you and do it very nicely!  wpLinkLock lets you define your "aliases" ("agreatproduct", and "supersolutions") along with the destination URL and wpLinkLock does the rest.



How much are you going to save exactly really depends on how fast you want this see I'm backing my product 110%, and I want you to be happy with your purchase, so I'm putting a price tag on it that reflects three things:

So for a limited time, I'm selling wpLinkLock for the ridiculous LOW price of just $47! I don't know how long that price will last.  Today, you can have wpLinkLock for only $47 - tomorrow may be a different story!


NOTE: A similar plugin is selling for $97, by the name of s3flowshield.

All you have to do is click the Add To Cart Button below, and pay the CRAZY $47 price tag with PayPal, it's that easy, and it's TOTALLY risk free! Order wpLinkLock TODAY, and if within 30 days you don't think the package is suitable for you, simply email us and we will gladly refund your money...NO QUESTIONS ASKED!



Personal Use On Unlimited Domain that you own, for $47



Developer License for $197


What can you do with developer license?

When you are developing a blog for your client, you are allowed to install this plugin and deliver it to your client. The plugin can stay at your client site.

However, you are not allowed to sell this plugin to your client. You DON'T own Resale Right to this plugin.



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